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Your 45th reunion is made possible through the efforts of the following people.


Meeting in early Spring 2005, addressing and stuffing invitations.
Meeting in late Spring, discussing what still needs to be done and preparing second mailing.
Can you identify any of the participants?

Sharon Underwood and Mary Jo Hesse

Sharron Daub, Jon Targonski, and Dale Drake

Judy Glover and Mary Ann Smith

Stan Adams and Paul Sullivan

Eddie Briggs and Gloria Morrison

Mary Jo Hesse and Marvin Dick

Eddie Briggs and Janet Guerin

Marvin Dick, Garland Conway, and Bob Catlett


Sharron Daub, Jon Targonski, and Mary Ann Smith

Judy Glover, Sharron Daub, Jon Targonski, Mary Ann Smith, and Dale Drake

Gary Byrne (SHS '58)
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