The 50th Reunion Picnic
September 10, 2010
Linda and Roy Marvin Dick Farm

Pictures courtesy of Judy Glover

Our gracious hosts, Linda and Roy Marvin Dick.

Marvin's sister, Laura, and Linda serve Marvin's delicious homemade wine.


Pat Lancaster and John Moore

Peggy Horn and Carolyn Moss

Ann Lee and husband, Matt Taylor
Linda Fidler, Bob Rufer, Mary Jo Hesse, and Judy Glover

Garland Conway, Peggy Horn, and Bob Rufer

Porky Bowman, Charlie Campbell, Carolyn, Campbell, and Paul Sullivan

Sharon Underwood, Mel Giancola, Marvin Dick, Garland Conway, John Moore, and Linda Moore

Different view of same people.

Linda Fidler, Pat Lancaster, and Judy Glover

Large garage provided shelter from inclement weather expected.

Some folks walked off their calories...

...while others didn't!

Bob Rufer and Marvin's brother-in-law, Topper visit with the horses, Jessie and Flicka.
Pictures courtesy of Linda Fidler

Mary Jo Hesse, Judy Glover, Ann Lee and husband, Matt Taylor

Gary Byrne and Roy Marvin Dick

Paul Sullivan, Porky Bowman, Carolyn and Charles Campbell