Ladies & Gentlemen of the Reunion Committee!!!!!

What an outstanding job you all did in preparation for this Momentous Occasion. You did yourselves Proud! I was very impressed with all the details that you went to, to insure that everyone who attended felt that we were back re-living the Wonderful days at SHS in 1958. What a joy it was to reminisce with all of you & recount the great times & happenings at SHS. Those were some of the best days of my life & I'm sure some of yours, too. I was so happy to see the good turnout, but was also not so happy about the ones who have already gone on. I was very pleased that I brought a guest & she was also very impressed with the proceedings & the planning that went into this Reunion. She, like me, was very impressed with the GREAT food. I also want to thank all of you for being so nice to her. It is my wish that we could do this more often, but I guess that isn't possible. We hope to see all of you again soon.

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!
Bill Caldwell

I would like to thank each of you on the reunion committee for the great job you did in putting together a wonderful evening of fellowship with the class of 1958.  It was obvious you folks spent a lot of time and effort in planning every aspect of the reunion.  I really enjoyed seeing and talking to people I had not seen in many many years.  It is amazing to me to see how much people have changed but at the same time have remained the same as they were fifty years ago.  

I remember a line from a movie I saw about 25-30 years ago.  I don't remember the name of the movie or the actors who were in it.  I believe the title was the name of a street.  Anyway, one of the characters as an old man who was referring to the street where he grew up said, "If I had known it would not last, I would have tried to remember it better."  I think this reunion helped us all remember things from fifty years ago just a little bit better.  

Again, thanks for everything.  Fantastic job! Bill and Jenny Stewart

Dear Committee: Gary, Barbara, Judith, Carole, Joyce, Bill, Barbara, Carl:

What a fine meaningful evening filled with fond memories and good spirit. I hope you all feel wonderful for the special evening your hard work provided. Thank You.

For any that read this and were there, I'm sure I can't write anything that would recover the laughter, and smiles, and our exaggerated old stories. Yes, we sometimes had to look at the name tag year book picture to put the face with the name, but often we didn't need to look. All were friendly classmates (or spouses) and some dear friends from what seemed in thought to be just a few years ago.

For any who weren't there, I'm certain you were missed, asked about, and part of conversations as if you were right there with us. It was indeed a bittersweet evening. It has been so long since what was referred to as an almost magical time and place, and unfortunately it may be, probably is, the last time we will recall that time together. Wow, what a special memorable evening together.

God Bless, Donna and Bert Hawkins

To the reunion committee -- what a fantastic job!! 

I can't tell you guys how much we enjoyed the whole affair.  The club was a perfect setting; the food and program outstanding.  And what a great turnout.  I missed a few, of course, but so many came that I scarcely had time to get around to all the tables.  Let's do follow up as much as we can and keep up with each other; it's a blessing to be part of such a great group.

Sorry I missed the brunch.  I had to return to BG on Saturday and just didn't have the energy to get back on Sunday.  Give my best to any and all who want to keep in touch.  When will some of the photos be online?  And tell anyone who wants one I'll be happy to send them a book. Thanks again for everything and please convey my regards and deep appreciation to all the others who worked so hard to make this a success.

Always an Indian, Jim Skaggs

What a wonderfully planned reunion we had. It was great from start to finish and I know you all worked hard on it. Please share my credits with the other members of your crew.

Thanks again, Sue Landers Lerding

Dear All.  

Oh what a night it was.  To all of you who worked so hard, thank you for pulling us together again.  Words can't express how great it was to see everyone. Our golden years really are golden and reliving the old memories was icing on the cake.   We have all been blessed in special ways and the reunion helped by giving us all a look at how blessed we really are: families, friends, a sense of place and a sense of peace.  

My love to you all,   Joyce Jansen Gash